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Quaderno Connect: Introduction to our tax engine’s APIs

Quaderno Connect: Introduction to our tax engine’s APIs

Quaderno Connect is a flexible tax engine capable of applying precise tax amounts to seller transactions on your marketplace or platform. Connect’s powerful APIs let you implement real-time tax calculation, tax ID verification, automatic invoicing, and even tax reporting to serve your sellers anywhere in the world. Our APIs enable tax-compliant sales for thousands of companies every day, covering 630 tax rates in more than 100 countries — plus thousands of local tax rates in the US alone.

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The products

Our tax engine offers five mission-critical functions:

1. Customer Verification: Confirm tax IDs at point of sale 

2. Tax Calculation: Apply the correct tax at point of sale based on product type and location evidence 

3. Billing: Send localized invoices/receipts that are tax compliant worldwide, and offer end consumers a self-accessed payment history

4. Tracking: Monitor global tax registration thresholds, and alert sellers when they’re liable in a new jurisdiction

5. Reporting: Convert raw tax data into a reporting dashboard inside your app

Again, these products are flexible. Take all five together or not. Some of them can be used in isolation. We’re happy to consult with you and find a solution according to your needs!

Implementation options

We offer two routes for implementation, depending on your needs and UX/UI preferences.

Standard accounts: Lower touch option. Your users each receive their own Quaderno account, with access to our reporting dashboard and customer support. Your users are responsible for configuring a few tax settings upfront. Learn more here.

Custom accounts: Higher touch option. Your users each have a Quaderno account, but you provide your own UI for tax settings, reporting dashboard, and customer support. In short, Quaderno stays behind the scenes. Learn more here.

That said, Connect doesn’t need to serve every user on your platform. You control which user accounts are involved. For example, you could reserve Connect’s tax features for premium accounts, a solid upsell opportunity.

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The details

Of course we provide thorough documentation both in our Developer's Hub and OpenAPI reference. Changelogs and other helpful info can be found in Quaderno’s GitHub repositories.

Beyond that, we care about the developer experience and follow a set of integration principles that make our products a breeze to work with.

  • All products follow a similar REST architecture. After integrating with your first Quaderno Connect API, every subsequent integration should feel familiar
  • Our products are interoperable and easy to combine with each other
  • We follow the strictest security standards (OAuth and SSL certificate)
  • Sandbox production environment for you to experiment
  • Ongoing support from fellow real-life developers

When you’re ready to scale, Connect expands with you.

To learn more, visit Quaderno Connect and schedule a call with us! 

Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the tax authorities.