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We care about our planet

We are small, but we know that even the tiniest gestures are important to care for and preserve our environment.

These are our daily contributions:

  • We don't drive to the office. Traffic is a waste of time, and kill your patience and your money. We all come by foot or bike, and we all are happier when we arrive to the office.
  • We use instead all the Internet resources we have: email, video conferencing or collaborative applications, like Quaderno :)
  • We recycle all you can imagine, although we have to decide how to install a compost machine in the office.
  • Our office is very bright and we try to maximize the use of natural light.
  • Our computers are respectful to the environment; free of many harmful toxins, highly recyclable, and EPA certified.
  • Even our chairs and tables are recyclable and designed for a low environmental impact.
  • We encourage the consumption of organic products such as the wonderful Clipper teas.