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    How to maximize small business tax deductions for financial growth

    Learn how to maximize tax deductions for a small business or online business in 4 simple steps, including 10 overlooked deductions!

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    How US Sales Tax Works

    Whether you have a business in the US or you’re a remote seller with US customers, we’re here to explain how US sales tax works.

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    EU VAT For Remote Sellers

    As a remote seller of digital products to EU customers, you’re responsible for charging, collecting, filing, and paying VAT. Here's what you need to know.

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    Finance Automation: How to optimize your financial workflows

    Finance automation is a game changer for online businesses, SaaS & e-commerce. Here’s how to optimize finance processes to save time and reduce error.

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    Digital Sales Tax in Canada (GST, HST, and more)

    Digital sales tax in Canada can vary from province to province. Here’s a breakdown of Canadian GST, HST, and PST for digital sales.

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    How the Central Electronic System of Payment Information (CESOP) affects online businesses

    The VAT CESOP Directive, or Central Electronic System of Payment Information, helps the EU enforce VAT rules. Here’s how it will affect remote sellers!

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    The Most Common Types of Invoices for Your Business

    Online businesses must keep track of specific digital documents to comply with accounting and tax rules. The most important place to start? Receipts.

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    What is a tax exemption certificate (and does it expire)?

    Tax exemption certificates are a crucial part of tax compliance. But do tax-exempt certifications expire? Learn about what these certificates are and when you need to renew them.

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    How to check if a company is VAT registered

    Learn how to check if a company is VAT registered in countries around the world by using VAT lookup tools or tax compliance automation software.

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    How to get a VAT number in the EU

    Getting an EU VAT ID number as a foreign business is actually quite simple. We'll explain what a VAT identification number is and how to register for one!

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    What is a VAT number?

    A VAT number identifies your business in Value-added Tax systems, such as EU VAT. Here's how the number works and whether or not you need one.

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    Digital Taxes Around The World

    Comprehensive list of tax laws for digital products/services around the world. Learn which countries have VAT, Sales Tax, GST and other digital taxes.

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    Online marketplace tax laws around the world

    Following the rise of tax laws for e-commerce platforms, we’ve created a comprehensive list of every country and jurisdiction in the world with marketplace tax laws.

  14. map of Portugal with a QR code in the middle

    Portugal E-invoicing & Digital Reporting

    Portugal e-invoicing & digital reporting rules apply to all B2G businesses and some others. Learn about how electronic invoices work, when it’s required & how to comply.

  15. Group of stars representing the different U.S. states.

    Sales Tax for Digital Products in the US

    Sales tax on digital goods by state is tricky. Which states have sales tax? What's taxable? Learn everything here.

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    The rise of e-commerce tax laws in 2021 and beyond

    E-commerce is growing, and sellers face growing VAT, GST, and sales tax obligations around the world. Here’s how platforms and marketplaces can adapt to provide great tax solutions for their merchants.

  17. How to Start an Online Business for Beginners

    Want to start a business online? Learn how to start an online business, from concept to launch, and turn your idea into a successful brand!

  18. Illustration of Qoodle chating with a bot

    How to use chatbots to grow your online business

    Learn how to use chatbots in e-commerce to grow your online business, from automating customer support to upselling. Here are 9 best uses of chatbots!

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    US Marketplace Facilitator Sales Tax Laws: everything you need to know

    Learn how marketplace facilitator sales tax laws affect online sellers that use platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

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    What is a Merchant of Record and do you need one?

    Merchant of Record (MoR) has pros and cons for e-commerce and other onlines businesses. Learn about what an MoR is and whether you should use one!

  21. Best CRM Software For Small Businesses In 2024

    The best CRM softwares for small businesses explained with pros, cons, and pricing structures. Find the CRM that’s right for you!