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Quaderno Connect: Add great tax solutions to your platform or marketplace

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Tax troubles weighing you down?

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Quaderno Connect: Add great tax solutions to your platform or marketplace

Your platform or marketplace is helping businesses large and small achieve their goals. But as tax authorities change and introduce new regulations for online sales, helping your users manage and comply with taxes is becoming a major problem.

Staying on top of tax compliance is like a second full-time job for your merchants. Complying with tax rules — be it VAT, GST or US sales tax — requires multiple steps for each transaction.

Not only that, but new regulations on digital goods are introduced around the world every month.

This causes online sellers a ton of stress and confusion. That’s bad enough. Worse is when this stress and confusion gets associated with your platform or checkout process. It’s unfair, but here’s the reality:

E-commerce is booming and tax rules are proliferating; neither one of these trends is slowing down any time soon. 

If you don’t provide your merchants with a good solution to this growing problem, you’ll see higher customer support costs, more manual work, lower customer satisfaction, and higher churn.

We know your marketplace or platform is designed to make sellers’ lives easier, but there’s a crucial step missing if you ignore tax. 

Now you can bridge the tax gap with Quaderno Connect.

What’s Quaderno Connect?

Quaderno Connect allows you to give your merchants the automatic sales tax solution they need to be successful, without veering off your roadmap.

Connect is an API and modular tax engine, offering five mission-critical functions:

1. Customer Verification: Confirm tax IDs at point of sale

2. Tax Calculation: Apply the correct tax at point of sale based on product type and location evidence. 

3. Billing: Send localized invoices/receipts that are tax compliant worldwide, and offer end consumers a self-accessed payment history

4. Tracking: Monitor global tax registration thresholds, and alert sellers when they’re liable in a new jurisdiction

5. Reporting: Convert raw tax data into a reporting dashboard inside your app

You can pick any combination of the above services, or take all five. Then while your team focuses on product or support, Quaderno manages and optimizes tax compliance for your users behind the scenes.

The result? Serve your customers better, enhance the stickiness of your platform, and stand out from your competitors.

How Quaderno Connect works

As a powerful and flexible API, Connect fits seamlessly into your platform and is nearly invisible to your merchants.

After you create a custom Quaderno account, the integration pulls specific information from your users’ accounts, such as buyer location and transaction amount, in order to perform tax calculations and all other functions.

Schedule a call with us to discuss how Connect can work uniquely with your platform.

Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the tax authorities.