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Quaderno Checkout and the seamless payment experience

Quaderno Checkout and the seamless payment experience

Picture this:

You’ve been toiling away, developing your product, perfecting your service, building your business. You have some local customers, and that’s great, but you really want to break into markets overseas. You’re trying inbound marketing, outbound marketing; you have ads out across the internet.

And finally, someone out there, on the other side of the ocean or the world, finds you and makes a purchase. Sweet!

Maybe you remember this moment, or maybe it’s one you’re still aspiring towards.

What doesn’t always cross the mind of a business owner in this exciting moment is: international taxes.

Questions such as: Do I know the local tax laws of this new customer’s country? Is my business, my site, my online store, configured to calculate the right tax rate at the point of sale? Am I doing this right?

Yeah, it’s a buzzkill. But international taxes are laws, after all. And you don’t want your business’ expansion and success to cause any legal problems.

So, you need to keep track of local tax rates in foreign countries. Some countries have tax thresholds, so you need to keep track of how much you’ve sold there. Some countries don’t want you to collect tax on B2B sales, so you need to keep track of which buyers are registered businesses. And on top of all this, you need to collect two pieces of data that confirm your customer’s location in the first place.

Enter Quaderno Checkout. This seamless, embedded payment solution handles all issues of tax compliance around the world — and provides a top-notch customer payment experience to boot. So you can effortlessly expand your business.

Everything about it is easy. Taxes, calculated for you. Location evidence, collected for you. High conversion rate, designed for you. And the setup? Simply copy-and-paste a single link, no programming required.

Calculates taxes automatically

No matter where your customer is located, the sale will always include the correct tax amount. Quaderno Checkout is built upon an up-to-date database of consumption tax rates around the world. This ensures your business is tax compliant on every sale.

When your customer enters their address, Checkout will verify their location* and immediately apply that local tax rate. Your customers see it live, right there on the screen. No surprise charges, no wrong rates.

This is especially helpful if you sell to other businesses! In many countries around the world, you don’t need to charge tax on B2B sales, because they’ll pay that tax directly to their government via the reverse-charge mechanism. Quaderno Checkout automatically detects B2B transactions, verifies their tax numbers, and removes the sales tax if need be.

*Bonus: Quaderno will also collect and store the location evidence for each sale. Most tax laws require you to record two pieces of data that confirm a customer’s location. We do it for you.

Want to read more in-depth about tax compliance? We have a guide to the EU VAT OSS, to sales tax in the US, and plenty of other countries on our blog.

Designed to convert

We built Quaderno Checkout from scratch, and that means two things. Every detail of the checkout experience is expertly designed by our team, and we’re constantly improving the code that supports it.

The goal of Quaderno Checkout is that you get paid, and paid more often. To achieve that goal, we provide a seamless purchase experience for your users. Let us tell you how!

Mobile-ready. Did you know mobile shoppers account for over 60% of e-Commerce traffic? Your site’s checkout process needs to fit their device, or you risk losing the sale. With Quaderno, customers shopping on their cell phones will effortlessly flow through the checkout process.

Connects to other payment systems so you won’t miss out on a sale. Flexible payment options can make all the difference. Quaderno Checkout integrates with PayPal and Stripe.

Minimal fields that are easy to fill. With Quaderno Checkout, your customers won’t abandon their purchase in annoyance or confusion. For a customer about to buy, fewer things are more annoying than a long, clunky payment form. Quaderno Checkout includes just the essentials. Plus, the fields have guidance information, so customers know exactly what to enter.

Fast performance. Around 50% of online shoppers expect sites to load in 2 seconds or less. So we keep it speedy! Nothing impedes the efficiency of the sale — or wastes your customer’s time.

Interested in other ways you can optimize your checkout for conversion? Read our top tips on how to increase conversion rates at checkout.

Fast follow up with buyers (and would-be customers!)

You might know by now that Quaderno automatically sends invoices to all customers, immediately after the sale. These automatic invoices are tax-compliant all over the world and can be customized to any language or currency.

Follow up after the sale can go even further with Quaderno Checkout and Zapier.

With a bit of setup, you’ll receive alerts when key events happen, so you can provide prompt follow-up that will impress your newest customers — or snag the ones that got away.

Get a notification when:

  • a sale is successful. Cha-ching!
  • a sale has failed. What went wrong?
  • a checkout is abandoned. Let’s bring this customer back!

The best thing about these proactive notifications is not that they keep you in the loop about your business (which is still important!), but that they allow you to act quickly and enhance your customer’s experience. You can act on these automatically, in real time.

Here are our suggestions for a few simple Zaps will put into motion some highly effective follow-up interactions

  • When a sale is successful: Send the product automatically! Deliver emails and products directly after payment, without lifting a finger. Your customers will be thrilled to receive their purchase basically on the spot. Plus they’ll be impressed with such a speedy invoice and “thank you” note. ;)
  • When a sale has failed: Send an email to inquire with the customer right away! Maybe there was an error with the payment, or the customer’s location evidence couldn’t be verified. Such quick, personal attention from your business is bound to impress the buyer so they give the purchase another shot.
  • When a checkout is abandoned: Send an email to your potential customer if they didn’t finish their purchase. Remind them the cart is waiting, include a bit about the ROI of your product, or tell them about any special offers or discounts. Zaps can schedule these emails to fire any time, either immediately or a day later.

For instructions on how to implement this crucial follow up, check out these support articles from Quaderno and Zapier:How to connect Quaderno and Zapier How to create a Zap

Secure and SCA compliant

Quaderno Checkout meets all privacy and security standards to ensure your customers and your business are safe. 3-D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) protect payments and credit cards, so you can sell with confidence.

Easiest setup ever

The last (but not least) greatest thing about Quaderno Checkout is how simple it is to get started.

If you know how to copy and paste, then you know how to set up Quaderno Checkout. Seriously, that’s all it takes! Copy and paste one snippet of text, a line of code that we wrote for you.

Here’s exactly how to do it.

1. From your Quaderno account, go to Checkout > Links and select the option Create link.

2. Complete the Create link form.

quaderno checkout link

Full explanations of what each field means can be found on the Quaderno Checkout support page.

3. You must select the product you’re selling. If you don’t see your product listed, click Create a new product.

4. When you’re done with the form, click Create link. You’ll see a link, which you can copy and paste onto any webpage, email, or social media platform where you sell your products. (And if you want to customize the look of your new checkout form, you can do so in Settings > Appearance.)

5. That’s it! You can now sell your product or subscriptions with Quaderno Checkout. Let’s go!


Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the tax authorities.