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  1. Illustration of all the states in United States

    State-by-State Analysis: Sales Tax Compliance for Multistate Businesses

    Different rules for sales tax by state are hard to navigate when your business sells in multiple places! Learn how to stay tax compliant and save time.

  2. Illustration of Qoodle sliding in and arrow growing upward

    How to maximize small business tax deductions for financial growth

    Learn how to maximize tax deductions for a small business or online business in 4 simple steps, including 10 overlooked deductions!

  3. Illustration of a coin in transfer

    How the Central Electronic System of Payment Information (CESOP) affects online businesses

    The VAT CESOP Directive, or Central Electronic System of Payment Information, helps the EU enforce VAT rules. Here’s how it will affect remote sellers!

  4. Illustration of Europe with VAT numbers

    What is a VAT number?

    A VAT number identifies your business in Value-added Tax systems, such as EU VAT. Here's how the number works and whether or not you need one.

  5. illustration of a stamp

    What is a tax exemption certificate (and does it expire)?

    Tax exemption certificates are a crucial part of tax compliance. But do tax-exempt certifications expire? Learn about what these certificates are and when you need to renew them.

  6. Illustration of Online marketplace tax laws around the world.png

    Online marketplace tax laws around the world

    Following the rise of tax laws for e-commerce platforms, we’ve created a comprehensive list of every country and jurisdiction in the world with marketplace tax laws.

  7. Illustration of Qoodle verifying some VAT numbers

    How to check if a company is VAT registered

    Learn how to check if a company is VAT registered in countries around the world by using VAT lookup tools or tax compliance automation software.

  8. Illustration of Qoodle with a hat and keeping a calculator

    How US Sales Tax Works

    Whether you have a business in the US or you’re a remote seller with US customers, we’re here to explain how US sales tax works.

  9. Illustration of Qoodle using a computer surrounded by 12 starts

    EU VAT For Remote Sellers

    As a remote seller of digital products to EU customers, you’re responsible for charging, collecting, filing, and paying VAT. Here's what you need to know.

  10. Illustration of Qoodle with a calculator

    Digital Taxes Around The World

    Comprehensive list of tax laws for digital products/services around the world. Learn which countries have VAT, Sales Tax, GST and other digital taxes.

  11. Illustrator of Qoodle flying with a leaf

    Digital Sales Tax in Canada (GST, HST, and more)

    Digital sales tax in Canada can vary from province to province. Here’s a breakdown of Canadian GST, HST, and PST for digital sales.

  12. Illustration of Qoodle tearing a pricing tag

    How does sales tax work on discounted goods?

    Learn the complexities of applying sales tax to discounted products. From cash discounts to coupons, navigate the rules with this comprehensive guide.

  13. Illustration of Qoodle questioning what is Vies

    What is VIES?

    Learn how VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) simplifies EU VAT number validation for businesses. Find out how to use VIES and its limitations.

  14. Illustration of How Will Brexit Affect My Digital Business?.png

    How Will Brexit Affect My Digital Business?

    The recent Brexit vote in the UK raises many questions for the future of businesses. How will it impact your digital business?

  15. Illustration of Which US States Hold "Sales Tax Holidays" and When Do They Hold Them?.png

    Which US States Hold "Sales Tax Holidays" and When Do They Hold Them?

    If you are a consumer in one of the states listed in this blog post, buying during a sales tax holiday can help you save money!

  16. Illustration of When to Charge New Zealand's GST on Digital Products.png

    When to Charge New Zealand's GST on Digital Products

    New Zealand’s digital tax rate is 15% GST, but not all foreign businesses must charge GST, and not every time. It all depends on a certain sales threshold.

  17. Illustration of a worldmap with different jurisdictions marked

    What is a tax jurisdiction?

    Tax jurisdictions determine your tax liability at multiple levels of government. But how? Learn all about GST, VAT, and sales tax jurisdictions.

  18. Illustration of a radar scanning the world for GST countries.

    What is GST and Which Countries Have It?

    If you’re a remote seller, you may be asking what GST is and which countries have it. Here we explain the tax rates & thresholds for all GST countries.

  19. Illustration of USA with an EIN number

    What is an EIN and how do you get one?

    Read about what an EIN (Employer Identification Number) is and how to get one in this easy-to-follow guide.

  20. Illustration of What is a zero-rated supply?.png

    What is a zero-rated supply?

    Zero-rated supply includes goods and services that have 0% VAT and GST. But are these actually exempt from taxes? Learn how zero-rated rules work for your business.

  21. Illustration of What is a tax registration threshold?.png

    What is a tax registration threshold?

    Tax registration thresholds determine whether your business needs to charge and collect tax in each country where you sell. Learn how tax thresholds work.