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Quaderno Product Changelog

Quaderno Product Changelog

New releases and updates to the Quaderno app, APIs, and more!

June 2023

  • New dev tools alert! We published a new set of guides on the Quaderno Dev Page . In case you missed it, we already published an OpenAPI reference for our tax engine APIs.
  • The brand new Exports page shows you all the Quaderno Report exports that you've requested, when you requested them, and the export status.
  • We improved the process for importing customer contact information. Not only is the process easy with clearer instruction, but now when you import contacts, you can edit specific fields!
  • Accountants can now log in directly to the main Quaderno app, with special permissions to their clients' accounts.

March 2023

  • Downloading invoices? We improved our export formats so that files are easier to use.
    • Fewer than 200 invoices in the pdf = Exported as a single .pdf file
    • Fewer than 10,000 rows = Exported as a single .csv file
    • More than 10,000 rows = Exported as several files inside a .zip file
  • Tax Reports are working better for larger accounts, who can now easily download lists of transactions in .csv format.

December 2022

  • We updated our database to make it faster and more secure.
  • We’ve extensively improved our base code, which will boost app performance and help us innovate and deliver faster on future functionalities.
  • Any errors in Xero syncing are now notified via email.
  • We expanded our Amazon integration to support the new Belgium marketplace.
  • We built a special importer to help former Octobat users transition to Quaderno.

September 2022

  • Our Amazon Europe and North America integrations have been migrated to Amazon’s new SP-API.
  • We have simplified tag management so you can label and sort your documents more easily.
  • We now support recurring estimates for sending the same estimate periodically. Estimates are precursors to a final invoice.
  • Anyone can quickly calculate the right sales tax, VAT, or GST with our free tax calculator!

June 2022

  • The Amazon Europe integration now uses OAuth, simplifying the connecting of your marketplaces.
  • New workflow to ease the correction of final invoices and receipts. Just use the Correct button!

April 2022

  • We launched a new invoice editor to add more flexibility when adding invoice items
  • Invoices for your Quaderno subscription will automatically appear as Expenses
  • Quaderno accounts can now be created via Google, Stripe and PayPal.
  • The Amazon North America integration now uses OAuth, simplifying the connecting of your marketplaces.

March 2022

  • QR codes from e-invoicing systems can now be stored on documents using the label on your template.
  • A single invoice PDF will now download as a PDF instead of a zip file.
  • We released API version 20220325, with improved response codes in our tax calculation API.
  • A contact can now be marked as tax-exempt or reverse-charge to ensure no tax is applied on sales to that customer.

February 2022

January 2022

  • Partial credit notes can now be created via API.
  • We made some infrastructure updates to improve app performance.

December 2021

  • The new reverse charge report replaces the previous EC Sales report. It contains the same info, but now includes all the countries where Quaderno validates a tax ID.
  • Simplified the management of document numbering. You can now add a default prefix for each document sequence (invoices, credit notes, estimates and receipts) in your Quaderno account. Head here for all the details!
  • More invoice filters. You can now filter your invoices by paid status, delivery status, or document status.
  • The billing details page got an overhaul. You can now easily review your Quaderno plan, monthly transaction usage, and more.

Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the Tax Agency.