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Quaderno Product Changelog

Quaderno Product Changelog

New releases and updates to the Quaderno app, APIs, and more!

April 2024

  • Our sales, balance, and expenses reports are now loading faster than ever. They will be refreshed nightly for the most up-to-date information! On top of that, sales and expense reports will now show amounts without taxes to provide you with a more realistic view of your business's status.
  • Improvements to data imports keep on coming! Now you can view your import progress and history on the new imports page.

March 2024

  • Importing your business transactions is now easier than ever. We’ve rolled out a unified single file format for invoices, credit notes, and expenses. If you need to import transactions, contacts or products, the new system guides you through the process, allowing you to match columns of data and fix any issues along the way. Check out all the details in our support article!

  • If you’re in our TicketBAI beta user group, you’ll find a new section called Inbox for checking mistakes on invoices before sending them to the Basque tax administrations. Drop us a line if you do business in the Basque country and are interested in testing the future of e-invoicing!

December 2023

  • Accounts that use both invoices and receipts, will have a new filter enabled to easily switch between the two document types.
  • Quaderno Connect users have a snazzy new dashboard to oversee and manage all their connected accounts in one place.
  • Developers that want to customize invoices and other documents should check out the new Templates guides on the Quaderno Developers Hub.
  • We released a new API version 20231201, that will automatically dispatch invoices and credit notes if the option "Autosend all automatic invoices and credit notes" is selected in your account settings. Opt in by upgrading your API version!

June 2023

  • We published a new set of guides on the Quaderno Developers Hub. In case you missed it, we already published a useful OpenAPI reference for our tax engine APIs.
  • The brand new Exports page shows you all the Quaderno reports exports that you've requested, when you requested them, and the export status.
  • We improved the process for importing customer contact information. Not only is the process easy with clearer instruction, but now when you import contacts, you can edit specific fields!
  • Accountants can now log in directly to the main Quaderno app, with special permissions to their clients' accounts.

March 2023

  • Downloading invoices? We improved our export formats so that files are easier to use.
    • Fewer than 200 invoices in the pdf = Exported as a single .pdf file
    • Fewer than 10,000 rows = Exported as a single .csv file
    • More than 10,000 rows = Exported as several files inside a .zip file
  • Tax Reports are working better for larger accounts, who can now easily download lists of transactions in .csv format.

December 2022

  • We updated our database to make it faster and more secure.
  • We’ve extensively improved our base code, which will boost app performance and help us innovate and deliver faster on future functionalities.
  • Any errors in Xero syncing are now notified via email.
  • We expanded our Amazon integration to support the new Belgium marketplace.
  • We built a special importer to help former Octobat users transition to Quaderno.

September 2022

  • Our Amazon Europe and North America integrations have been migrated to Amazon’s new SP-API.
  • We have simplified tag management so you can label and sort your documents more easily.
  • We now support recurring estimates for sending the same estimate periodically. Estimates are precursors to a final invoice.
  • Anyone can quickly calculate the right sales tax, VAT, or GST with our free tax calculator!

June 2022

  • The Amazon Europe integration now uses OAuth, simplifying the connecting of your marketplaces.
  • New workflow to ease the correction of final invoices and receipts. Just use the Correct button!

April 2022

  • We launched a new invoice editor to add more flexibility when adding invoice items.
  • Invoices for your Quaderno subscription will now automatically appear as Expenses.
  • Quaderno accounts can now be created via Google, Stripe and PayPal.
  • The Amazon North America integration now uses OAuth, simplifying the connecting of your marketplaces.

March 2022

  • QR codes from e-invoicing systems can now be stored on documents using the label on your template.
  • A single invoice PDF will now download as a PDF instead of a zip file.
  • We released API version 20220325, with improved response codes in our tax calculation API.
  • A contact can now be marked as tax-exempt or reverse-charge to ensure no tax is applied on sales to that customer.

February 2022

January 2022

  • Partial credit notes can now be created via API.
  • We made some infrastructure updates to improve app performance.

December 2021

  • The new reverse charge report replaces the previous EC Sales report. It contains the same info, but now includes all the countries where Quaderno validates a tax ID.
  • Simplified the management of document numbering. You can now add a default prefix for each document sequence (invoices, credit notes, estimates and receipts) in your Quaderno account. Head here for all the details!
  • More invoice filters. You can now filter your invoices by paid status, delivery status, or document status.
  • The billing details page got an overhaul. You can now easily review your Quaderno plan, monthly transaction usage, and more.

Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the tax authorities.