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Amazon FBA locations

Amazon FBA locations

If you are looking for a list of Amazon FBA locations in North America and Europe, you are in the right place! Also, if you are selling on Amazon you might need a little information regarding the so called 'Amazon tax' ?

Amazon Sales Tax

A few years back many eCommerce sellers or online sellers didn’t have to worry about paying the sales tax, VAT or GST, but those days are far gone now. Sales tax is an unavoidable truth for most retailers whether you are selling your products online or in a physical store.

Amazon provides helps to its sellers in terms of sales tax but it depends on different factors like:

  • The seller’s program.
  • The services or products that are purchased.
  • Fulfillment time.
  • Fulfillment location.
  • The shipment address.

As seller, you should know that Amazon does not take the responsibility of sales tax off you. You will still be held accountable for your sales tax compliance.

What determines an Amazon seller’s sales tax obligation is:

  • Whether you have nexus. The definition of nexus might vary from state to state
  • If your product is taxable

Be aware that  Amazon stores your products in warehouses all around the country and this can prompt nexus because you are  the owner of Fulfillment by Amazon products. Amazon can also move your products  from one warehouse to another in a different state , and then you will have nexus in that state.

Sales tax will be automatically calculated in Amazon’s checkout.

Locations of Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Amazon FBA warehouse locations in Europe

Amazon FBA warehouse locations in North America

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