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Enhanced Quaderno Feature: Tags

Enhanced Quaderno Feature: Tags

Quaderno tags for your sales and expenses are now better than ever! Tags are handy little labels helping you organize your incoming and outgoing money streams and group them into your preferred custom categories.

You can create tags such as “marketing” or “rent” for your expenses, and put your sales into categories like “premium” or “newclient”

You can then filter your sales or expenses by a specific tag and see at a glance how much money you are making from premium sales or how much you spend on marketing.

Why Tags Are Cool

Aside from making your OCD rejoice, tags will also increase your productivity and provide you with valuable insights helping you make better business decisions.

You can now see at a glance which types of customers account for the bulk of your revenue and can thus target them more specifically.

You can also easily find out what your largest or most frequent expenses are and can start thinking about ways of how to reduce them.

How to Add a Tag

Let’s check out how this works. You can include tags when you create a sale or expense, so let’s try creating an invoice and adding a tag to it.

You already know that invoices are created using the form pictured below. At the bottom, you will see an option to “add tags”.

Click on this option. The following window will open and display any previously used tags as well as allow you to create a new tag.

Choose any existing tags and/or add any new ones, and click on “Apply selected tags”. Done!

Example: Cutting Costs

Say you are facing an elevated amount of expenses every month and are looking to reduce them. A good way to approach this is by finding out on which products or services you spend most of your money so that you can look at options for cutting costs there.

Following our new feature enhancement, tags are now showing up on your expense reports. This means that you can see at a glance which expense category, or categories, take/s the biggest chunk out of your funds. E.g., you might discover that you pay a lot for marketing services or that your office rent takes a huge toll on your cash flow.

You can now consider switching to a different marketing provider, or look at more affordable office spaces.

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