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Automatic tax calculation for online courses and memberships

Automatic tax calculation for online courses and memberships

Digital consultants, educators, and coaches are hustling to create original content and build communities across the web. Obviously, your skills and expertise are in demand.

Creating the content is hard work in itself. But expanding your membership or finding new clients comes with a new (and less fun) form of stress:

Understanding your tax liability in other parts of the world.

The AccessAlly and Quaderno integration solves both sides of this coin. We’ll tell you how.

Grow your business without worrying about tax compliance

AccessAlly helps entrepreneurs using WordPress to design online courses, memberships, and other digital products. The plugin allows you to monetize your products, collect payment, and scale based on actual business data and metrics.

Quaderno takes care of all your tax calculations on AccessAlly, letting you know when rules change, sending tax-compliant invoices and receipts, and creating tax reports that make filing returns a cinch. All of this is automatic.

Plus, when your business needs to register for VAT, GST, or sales tax in a new area, we alert you ahead of time. 

How does it work at the point-of-sale?

The process works seamlessly for both you and your customer.

Every time a customer completes a paid order form on AccessAlly, they'll see tax calculated in the checkout based on their location and your Quaderno tax settings. Whenever you process a refund in AccessAlly, the corresponding credit note will automatically be generated in Quaderno.

Another bonus: With Quaderno, you can list your prices either inclusive or exclusive of taxes. This gives you some flexibility and control over your product’s appeal and the customer’s checkout experience.

How to integrate Quaderno and AccessAlly

Setup is a simple process that involves copying one piece of text from your Quaderno account and pasting it in your AccessAlly tax settings. Seriously, it only takes a minute or two.

For the complete run-down (with visuals included, just in case), check out our support page for the AccessAlly integration.

Don’t have a Quaderno account yet? Give us a try for free.

Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the tax authorities.