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Automatic Invoicing for s2Member

Automatic Invoicing for s2Member

Controlling who can access your content and when they can do it has been made far easier thanks to s2Member. This nifty little WordPress plugin lets you dictate how your content should be sold so that you can be deservingly compensated for all your hard work.

When you’re striving to create and sell content, dispatching invoices for the orders received from customers is probably the last item to tackle on your to-do list. Tedious but still absolutely necessary. What if you could you could get someone else to handle invoicing for your s2Member orders?

Automate with Quaderno your invoicing for s2Member

The good news is that Quaderno now integrates with s2Member. The great news is that with this integration, your manual billing process can now be completely eliminated.

Each time you receive a payment from an order processed through your s2Member plugin, s2Member will notify Quaderno and a professional-looking invoice will be on its way to your customers inbox.

All done automatically without you having to touch a button.

In addition to automating invoicing for s2Member, Quaderno will also send credit notes to your customers whenever you issue a refund.

This means that all of your billing paperwork can now be taken care of by Quaderno, so you can spend your time doing more exciting things to sustain your business, especially the ones you really shine at.

EU VAT compliance for your business

When you’re in one country but selling products (even digital ones) to a customer in another country, there are usually specific tax rates to apply to the final price of your product. If that customer happens to be located somewhere in the EU, this hassle is driven to an entirely new level thanks to EU VAT laws for digital goods.

Quaderno helps to knock the tax curveball out of the park for you with this integration. How? By determining the location of your customer, Quaderno applies the appropriate tax rate to your customer’s invoice for you.

It also does the job of making sure your invoices are compliant worldwide according to local tax rules. So, whether you’re selling to customers in the US, EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Singapore, you can be rest assured that the invoices they receive will be valid in their country.

Revenue tracking from one place

With s2Member, you’re able to use multiple payment gateways to process the payments you receive. While this can be a convenient option for your customers, for you, it could mean extra time being spent to track your incoming payments from various payment gateways.

With Quaderno linked to your s2Member plugin, information on all payments received will be reflected in your Quaderno account, so that you’ll have a complete overview of payments received across the board in one place.

Achieve higher efficiency with your online business by integrating Quaderno with your s2Member plugin. Not only will you save time by automating your invoicing for s2Member, but you’ll also handle tax compliance like a pro without all the fuss and keep tabs on your financial data.

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Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the Tax Agency.