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Automate Even More Of Your Business With Zapier

Automate Even More Of Your Business With Zapier

We’re constantly working hard at Quaderno to churn out more powerful integrations for one simple reason – to skyrocket your productivity. This time around, we went a step further and built an integration that allows you automate various tasks in different applications. Say hello to the Quaderno integration with Zapier.

Zapier enables real-time exchange of data between two different apps. A connection between two applications is known as a ‘Zap’. You’re now able to link Quaderno with other applications that also integrate with Zapier to automate even more tasks.

Using the Zaps we’ve created, you can now go beyond automating your accounting. These include saving your invoices in a Dropbox folder or getting a notification on Slack each time an invoice is generated.

Here are some convenient Zaps you can begin using right away!

Sync contact lists and customer data

Say goodbye to missing contacts on your customer management, marketing automation and accounting tools. These Zaps take the pain out of ensuring your Quaderno contact list is synced with your Drip, Mailchimp, Quickbooks Online, Pipedrive and Bigcommerce lists, making it effortless. Stay on top of customer data and keep it current by activating Zaps like the following:

Add Quaderno contacts to a Drip list
Add Quaderno contacts to a Mailchimp list
Add Quaderno contacts to Quickbooks Online
Add Pipedrive persons to Quaderno as a new contact

Save shareable versions of Quaderno invoices

Need to immediately locate and send an invoice issued last month? Access your invoices in an easily-shareable format with these Zaps. They’ll automatically save your Quaderno invoices in PDFs and store them in either your Dropbox or Google Drive account. This comes in especially handy during bookkeeping season. You’ll have all your invoices neatly saved as PDFs, ready to be sent or accessed by anyone you choose at anytime.

Save Quaderno invoices into Dropbox
Save Quaderno invoices into Google Drive

Generate invoices from one place

If you’re using Quaderno to handle your invoicing but a separate application to take care of your accounting, customer management or even managing your online store, chances are things get really messy over time. Especially so when you’re trying to make sure that your invoices match across all these different applications. These Zaps are designed to solve that dilemma for you by automatically generating an identical invoice in one application when another invoice or order is created elsewhere.

Add Quaderno invoices to Quickbooks Online.
Add Quaderno invoices to Xero
Add won Pipedrive deals to Quaderno as a new invoice

Keep track of your invoicing game

Stay up-to-date on invoices being issued from your Quaderno account by getting notified on Slack with this Zap. Never miss out outgoing invoices again.

Easily track expenses

Eliminate unnecessary admin tasks by automating the way you record your expenses. This Zap automatically exports information to your Quaderno account whenever you update a Google Sheets file.

With our Zapier integration, you can now do even more with Quaderno and turbocharge your efficiency. If you have any idea for a new zap, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help you.

Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the tax authorities.