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  1. Illustration of all the states in United States

    State-by-State Analysis: Sales Tax Compliance for Multistate Businesses

    Different rules for sales tax by state are hard to navigate when your business sells in multiple places! Learn how to stay tax compliant and save time.

  2. Illustration of Qoodle with a calculator

    Digital Taxes Around The World

    Comprehensive list of tax laws for digital products/services around the world. Learn which countries have VAT, Sales Tax, GST and other digital taxes.

  3. Illustration of Qoodle verifying some VAT numbers

    How to check if a company is VAT registered

    Learn how to check if a company is VAT registered in countries around the world by using VAT lookup tools or tax compliance automation software.

  4. Illustration of a group of gears with the dollar symbol

    Finance Automation: How to optimize your financial workflows

    Finance automation is a game changer for online businesses, SaaS & e-commerce. Here’s how to optimize finance processes to save time and reduce error.

  5. Illustration of Qoodle using a computer surrounded by 12 starts

    EU VAT For Remote Sellers

    As a remote seller of digital products to EU customers, you’re responsible for charging, collecting, filing, and paying VAT. Here's what you need to know.

  6. Illustration of a coin in transfer

    How the Central Electronic System of Payment Information (CESOP) affects online businesses

    The VAT CESOP Directive, or Central Electronic System of Payment Information, helps the EU enforce VAT rules. Here’s how it will affect remote sellers!

  7. Illustration of Qoodle sliding in and arrow growing upward

    How to maximize small business tax deductions for financial growth

    Learn how to maximize tax deductions for a small business or online business in 4 simple steps, including 10 overlooked deductions!

  8. Illustration of Qoodle with a hat and keeping a calculator

    How US Sales Tax Works

    Whether you have a business in the US or you’re a remote seller with US customers, we’re here to explain how US sales tax works.

  9. Illustrator of Qoodle flying with a leaf

    Digital Sales Tax in Canada (GST, HST, and more)

    Digital sales tax in Canada can vary from province to province. Here’s a breakdown of Canadian GST, HST, and PST for digital sales.

  10. Illustration of an invoice

    The Most Common Types of Invoices for Your Business

    Online businesses must keep track of specific digital documents to comply with accounting and tax rules. The most important place to start? Receipts.

  11. illustration of a stamp

    What is a tax exemption certificate (and does it expire)?

    Tax exemption certificates are a crucial part of tax compliance. But do tax-exempt certifications expire? Learn about what these certificates are and when you need to renew them.

  12. Illustration of Qoodle carrying the European flag with the text VAT

    How to get a VAT number in the EU

    Getting an EU VAT ID number as a foreign business is actually quite simple. We'll explain what a VAT identification number is and how to register for one!

  13. Illustration of Europe with VAT numbers

    What is a VAT number?

    A VAT number identifies your business in Value-added Tax systems, such as EU VAT. Here's how the number works and whether or not you need one.

  14. Illustration of Online marketplace tax laws around the world.png

    Online marketplace tax laws around the world

    Following the rise of tax laws for e-commerce platforms, we’ve created a comprehensive list of every country and jurisdiction in the world with marketplace tax laws.

  15. Illustration of Quaderno Connect: Add great tax solutions to your platform or marketplace.png

    Quaderno Connect: Add great tax solutions to your platform or marketplace

    Marketplaces and platforms can provide tax management for merchants easier than ever with Quaderno Connect, a seamless API that works in the background.

  16. Illustration of Quaderno Connect: Introduction to our tax engine’s APIs.png

    Quaderno Connect: Introduction to our tax engine’s APIs

    If you need a more technical explanation on how Quaderno Connect works and how it could help you in your business, keep on reading!

  17. Quaderno handles sales tax

    Quaderno Product Changelog

    Product changelog for Quaderno's tax compliance and billing automation software. Check the updates and improvements released each month!

  18. A representation of the integration between Kajabi and Quaderno

    Automatic Invoicing for Kajabi

    We’ll explain how Kajabi sales tax works and how to automatically send invoices for your sales with Quaderno.

  19. Illustration of What Should a Digital Business Owner Look for in a Payment Provider?.png

    What Should a Digital Business Owner Look for in a Payment Provider?

    There are many similar online payment providers available today, like Stripe, PayPal, GoCardless, etc. This article will show you how to find the right one that's a great fit for your business.

  20. Illustration of One-off vs. Recurring Payments: What Fits Best For Me?.png

    One-off vs. Recurring Payments: What Fits Best For Me?

    One-off vs. Recurring Payments: Learn what is best for you.

  21. Illustration of a laptop with different elements related to an online course.

    13 Top Course Creation Software To Try in 2024

    We've reviewed 13 different online course creation software to help you find the perfect match!