Struggling with VAT?

Don't give up. We know how to fix this.

Selling digital goods to customers in Europe?

If you sell digital products to EU customers, you need to charge VAT based on your customer location.

Yes, even if your business is based outside the EU.

And you also need to issue a VAT invoice with each one of your customers' orders. No exceptions.

"It's a nightmare to issue invoices with proper VAT!"

That may have been the case in the past, but not anymore. If your payment gateway is Stripe, we take care of the VAT craziness for you. Let us show you how.

If there’s an acronym that could replace VAT, it’s PITA - Pain In The Ass.

But hey, you already have some orders, so the ‘difficult’ part - getting the final purchase decision from your customer - is done. So let’s stop moaning and make things work in a smarter way.

At Quaderno, we really understand the scope of this problem and also we have seen that it’s not an isolated issue. So here’s our solution.

Invoice anyone in the EU, automatically

Quaderno sends customized VAT invoices in multiple currencies and languages.

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Invoices with and without VAT

Dealing with the VAT craziness

Let's say you’re a EU based company that has sold a product priced at €25. In terms of VAT, you could face up 4 different scenarios:

  • Your customer lives in your country. The breakdown of the invoice would be €25 for the item sold + VAT applicable in your country.
  • Your customer lives in another EU country and doesn’t have a VAT number. The breakdown of the invoice would be €25 for the item sold + VAT rate applicable in your customer's country.
  • Your customer lives in another EU country and does have a VAT number. No VAT is added, and the invoice will show a single charge of €25 for the item sold and the text "VAT reverse charged".
  • Your customer lives outside EU. Same as the previous example. No VAT is added, and the invoice will reflect only €25 for the item sold.

In the first two cases, you have to include VAT in your invoice. In the last two cases, your invoice is VAT exempted.

So you need to issue a customised invoice depending on your customer’s country and VAT situation. Crazy, right?

By default, Quaderno can sort through this mess for you automatically. Just charge your customers with Stripe and we take care of the rest.

How we determine the right VAT rate

Quaderno will calculate the VAT rate that must be charged by detecting your customer's country and the country of their credit card.

If you’d like to check out the VAT that we automatically assign to your country, here’s the list:

Country VAT Rate (%)
Flag of Austria AT Austria 20
Flag of Belgium BE Belgium 21
Flag of Bulgaria BG Bulgaria 20
Flag of Croatia HR Croatia 25
Flag of Cyprus CY Cyprus 19
Flag of Czech Republic CZ Czech Republic 21
Flag of Denmark DK Denmark 25
Flag of Estonia EE Estonia 20
Flag of Finland FI Finland 24
Flag of France FR France 20
Flag of Germany DE Germany 19
Flag of Greece GR Greece 24
Flag of Hungary HU Hungary 27
Flag of Ireland IE Ireland 23
Country VAT Rate (%)
Flag of Italy IT Italy 22
Flag of Latvia LV Latvia 21
Flag of Lithuania LT Lithuania 21
Flag of Luxembourg LU Luxembourg 17
Flag of Malta MT Malta 18
Flag of Netherlands NL Netherlands 21
Flag of Poland PL Poland 23
Flag of Portugal PT Portugal 23
Flag of Romania RO Romania 19
Flag of Slovakia SK Slovakia 20
Flag of Slovenia SI Slovenia 22
Flag of Spain ES Spain 21
Flag of Sweden SE Sweden 25
Flag of United Kingdom GB United Kingdom 20

Ready to comply with EU VAT rules?

Quaderno can handle this mess for you, so you can focus on your real business, not on boring tax calculations.

Drop us a line if you have any questions. Happy to help!

Automatically calculate VAT on every sale

Quaderno handles the tax rate and tax collection, no matter where your customer is located.

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