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Quaderno tax features are very valuable for us. As we grow, we are able to have more resources dedicated to control taxes, and Quaderno is very helpful.

Ashley Sachs, Customer Support Manager.

The modern workforce has gone remote. The ways we collaborate are evolving. Whereby provides tools for easy video meetings, so that no matter how far apart we might be, we can still work together.

Whereby believes people can (and should!) build happy, productive lives from anywhere in the world — but digital tools must be reliable and easy to use. That’s exactly what the company set out to solve. Connecting colleagues across the globe, Whereby’s video technology supports over 10 million conversations per year.

Whereby team photo
Whereby team photo
Whereby team photo

Whereby wants to make collaboration easy for its customers, and it’s succeeding at that: the business is growing fast. Unfortunately, growth doesn’t make things so easy for the company. The global reach of the product means a global customer base, which means billing in lots of countries that each have different tax rules.

The Whereby team is just over 20 people, who also work from around the world. No one can dedicate all their time to accounting or taxes, so it’s helpful to have invoices and tax calculation taken care of automatically, all in a centralized hub like Quaderno.

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Whereby team photo

The automatic invoices also make Ashley’s job easier in customer support, because customers can independently access and control their billing information. Each invoice is complete, accurate, and easy to read — and there’s even a link to the customer’s billing history at the bottom (thanks to a quick integration with Quaderno’s API).

From the support perspective, the interface is very easy to use and very clean.

As a SaaS business, Whereby relies on Quaderno to calculate sales tax each time a customer buys a paid plan or makes a subscription payment. For example, for EU customers, the 27 various tax rates are all applied automatically. The Whereby team can trust the business is complying with VAT, without checking or crunching numbers.

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Instant tax reports. Quaderno’s tax reports provide all the information you need to file US sales tax, VAT, and GST — at the click of a button. Sales and tax records are broken down per country. The data is up-to-date and easy-to-read, so you can file tax returns fast.

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