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How Nusii was saved from the abyss of EU VAT

With Nathan Powell

Co-founder and Product Designer


Nusii helps creative businesses streamline and better manage their sales proposals.
Madrid, Spain

Nusii began life as a side-project for designer, Nathan Powell. A consultant with over a decade of experience, Nathan despised losing so much time to designing, writing and managing his sales proposals. The answer came in the form of Nusii.

Over the coming months he was able to lay the foundations for a system that would be used by creative agencies in over 60 countries. Suddenly Nusii was no longer a side project, and as people were willing to pay for their service, money started coming in from all around the world.


Of course, things usually look simpler on paper. Building any business comes with it’s challenges, and building an online business in Europe seemed to be especially complicated. As Nusii grew, so did the number of requests for invoices from their European clients. Being used to the US system of sending simple Stripe invoices, Nathan and his co-founder Michael, were at a loss.

We’d heard whispers about something called VATMOSS or European VAT, but not even our local tax advisers here in Spain could give us any information… Nathan tells us.

The challenge of recording customer’s geographical data, IP address or business residence was going to fall on the shoulders of Michael. Naturally, being a small startup they didn’t want to lose time to building an in-house solution


Nusii uses Stripe to manage their recurring payments. Somehow they needed to go from a simple receipt, to a full business invoice with the correct VAT applied in each case. Writing software to deal with this is a daunting, costly and time consuming task they didn’t want to face.

Michael recalls I looked for weeks on forums for ready-to-go solutions, but struggled to find any real answers.

It wasn’t until a Hacker News link appeared in Michael’s inbox that he discovered Quaderno. After signing up to our free email course and browsing our blog, he realised that finally, someone understood the intricacies of European VAT.


After signing up for Quaderno I was immediately struck by how much time both myself and Nathan would save, says Michael. We could get on with building and growing our business.

All customer data is now automatically saved and the appropriate VAT is applied to all invoices before being sent out.

Checkout form to calculate taxes on-the-fly
Use Quaderno Checkout to calculate taxes on-the-fly and create one-off and recurring charges.

We don’t even think about invoicing anymore. The only time we need to look at Quaderno is if a customer requests an edit or if an invoice has bounced from a client’s inbox. It really is a ‘set and forget’ solution.

Nusii can continue to grow their business, building new features and helping more creative agencies to win more business, through better proposals.

Photo of Murat Mutlu

I like being able to combine multiple invoices into one PDF so you can go through your customer’s entire history. Tick all the boxes and it would generate a PDF for the whole time they have been with you. It’s really a time saver.

Murat Mutlu, co-founder and product designer
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