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Quaderno gives us a clearer vision of the business because of the acquisition data.

Pepe Martín, Co-founder and CEO.

Sustainability and transparency are not buzzwords. They are a way of life, and — for Minimalism — a way of business. The clothing brand produces high-quality, functional fashion in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

Minimalism believes in transparency not only for its manufacturing (if you look on the website, you will see a raincoat that is made from exactly eight plastic bottles; when you order something, you learn exactly where it was made), but also for its business operations. The eCommerce brand publishes all of its metrics: marketing budget, website traffic, billing totals.

Minimalism team photo
Minimalism team photo
Minimalism team photo

True to its name, the company keeps its business operations minimal, too. The Minimalism team has only four full-time members, and all other business functions are outsourced. A small team means each person’s skills are super valuable for a specific purpose; they don’t have a ton of time to spend on office admin.

When we calculated the time it took us to invoice manually, we realized we needed an automated tool, such as Quaderno.

Quaderno’s automatic invoicing completely streamlined the billing process for Minimalism. Because all invoices are automated and customers can control their own billing and tax information, the team saves time and avoids billing mistakes. This also keeps the customers happy, who can trust that Minimalism will always charge the correct amount and send a complete, tax-compliant invoice afterward.

Minimalism team photo
Minimalism team photo

Plus, with all payment information in one database, Pepe gains insight into how the brand sells certain products and where the customers are coming from. You could say Quaderno helps make that part of Minimalism even more… transparent.

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Self-help billing records. Cut down on customer requests with Quaderno billing. Your customers can manage their payment history and billing information on their own! With every automatic receipt and invoice, Quaderno provides a link for your customer to access all their own data and records, back to their first purchase with you.

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