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How Quaderno saved Marvel two months of work

With Murat Mutlu

Co-founder and Product Designer


Marvel is a mobile and web prototyping tool for everyone.
London, UK
B2B / B2C

Marvel has come a long way since it was born in 2013. Everything started in Murat’s bedroom with his own frustration caused by existing prototyping options. Since then, Marvel has evolved into a handy prototyping tools used by creatives, students and startups across countries. Marvel allows anyone to create powerful prototypes that convey ideas in a visually appealing way without the need of coding

The idea behind Marvel is to make prototyping as easy as possible. Having to deal with intricate invoicing isn’t something you would like to experience along the way. Because of this, an easy invoicing system had to become part of the overall experience.


Marvel is growing dynamically but it is still run by a small team who can’t devote a lot of time to billing and accounting. Nonetheless, they needed to make invoices for paying customers.

The time was really tight and we were looking for something we could just plug in straight away and generate invoices without having the time spent away from the actual product, Murat says.

Besides the invoicing another issue unfolded - new European VAT regulations. It was such a headache. We were going through all those requirements and we thought we are never going to get through this. Finding out only two weeks before new rules came into life in the beginning of 2015, the issue was very acute and needed to be solved out promptly. We were stuck because there was no way we had the resources and I couldn’t find any services to do that.

The whole VAT and invoicing issue was such a complication that it had a potential to take off a month of their time.

Time that could have been spent on improving and polishing the actual product.


Searching through forums discussing VAT problems, Murat found Quaderno. Since Marvel was using Stripe as their billing platform, it was a perfect fit. With only a few clicks Quaderno helps Marvel create beautiful invoices automatically every time a new customer makes a charge on Stripe. What’s more, invoices include VAT information by default and can be sent in various currencies for foreign customers.

Updating billing data is also easily done through Quaderno so there’s no need for a separate billing department within Marvel’s team.

Generating multiple invoices is another frequently used feature and Murat appreciates the ease they are created with.

Generate and send multiple invoices with just one click
Generate and send multiple PDF invoices with just one click.

I like being able to combine multiple invoices into one PDF so you can go through your customer’s entire history. Tick all the boxes and it would generate a PDF for the whole time they have been with you. It’s really a time saver.


Since signing up, Marvel had used Quaderno mostly to generate recurring invoices. We do a lot of things manually but it’s super easy. I just go in the customer services saying that I want an invoice in a PDF. Then they just go and press the button and it generates everything.

Before integrating Quaderno Murat had to go to a web invoice generator, fill in the details and create the invoice manually. It was really painful. We were probably getting requests for invoices daily and it took about half an hour a day.

Additionally, if Marvel had stayed with online invoice generators, VAT would have had to be calculated separately. Now it’s all handled on the fly without any extra work required from Murat’s team.

Becoming an everyday asset in running the business, Marvel hasn’t even used the full potential of Quaderno yet. We’re still pretty light users but we really want to go into the API, Murat says. Once they integrate into Quaderno API they will be able to generate thousands of invoices every month in a fraction of time.

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Quaderno was an easy fix for us and it definitely saved us a lot of time just by generating the invoices.

David Sherry, Murat Mutluo-founder and community builder
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