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Hack The Box

Quaderno has been proven quite useful and successful for us, since it provides a seamless administration of international sales.

Nikos Fountas, Head of Operations.

As online communities go, Hack the Box has created a global one with education, training, and self-development at its core. The platform allows people to test and hone their skills in one of today’s most important areas: cyber security.

Hack the Box serves as a laboratory and forum for over 160,000 cyber security enthusiasts around the world. Members can test their own hacking skills and also share ideas or methodologies to help each other learn and improve. The platform also works with university programs and helps train corporate teams.

Hack The Box team photo
Hack The Box team photo
Hack The Box team photo

Key to Hack the Box’s operations is offering free services to its community, then subscription services to paying members and organizations. Managing different revenue streams and billing schedules could get hectic, but Nikos, as head of Operations, uses Quaderno on a daily basis.

Since we are a global company, with customers from all over the world, we use quite a few channels and tools for payments. The fact that Quaderno integrates with all of our tools is quite helpful as it allows us to have a centralized 360-view of our billing operations.

Nikos relies on Quaderno to manage automatic invoices, billing records, and financial reporting. Quaderno’s 20+ custom integrations make it possible to streamline all the distribution channels and payment gateways, collecting all the data and storing it neatly in a single dashboard. (“The UI is quite user friendly,” he added!)

Hack The Box interface in a laptop
Hack The Box team photo

By automating the data collection, not only is the right payment information on each invoice, but also real-time revenue data is populated in helpful business reports. Hack the Box has taken the streamlining a step even further.

We have integrated Quaderno with Stripe and Paypal, and it works seamlessly with both. We have also connected Quaderno with our accountant's system.

With just one more integration, the company’s accountant receives the same real-time data from Quaderno that Nikos sees in his own dashboard. There’s no middleman and no need to share files. Now that’s smooth.

Illustration of Quaderno’s integrations
Flexible integrations. Quaderno’s integrations bring every part of your business together in one place. Do you sell in multiple channels, with different payment processors? No problem! All of this data can be synced in the Quaderno dashboard. Plus, automate countless tasks by connecting your Quaderno account with up to 1,100+ apps. Setup is simple, and you’ll be amazed at how much time you save.

Never mess with sales tax again

Let Quaderno automatically calculate sales tax on every sale you make. So you can get back to your business.

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