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How billing EU customers became a breeze

With David Sherry

Co-founder and commnunity builder

Death To The Stock Photo

DTTSP is a creative stock photos that don’t suck.
Columbus, Ohio
B2B / B2C

Death to the Stock Photo was formed for creatives by creatives who found the offer of stock photos on the web frustrating. Being photographers themselves, David Sherry and Allie Lehman behind DTTSP knew what a pain it is to find a stock photo that doesn’t suck.

On the other hand, having folders of unused photos stored on a computer sucked too. Now used by bloggers, freelancers, creatives as well as larger startups, Death to the Stock Photo started as a monthly newsletter packed with beautiful photos in July 2013. The first couple of weeks proved that people are thirsty for high quality, authentic visual content and the creative community is willing to pay for unlimited access and something extra.


What was initially an idea validated by a bunch of friends has since developed into an original stock agency led by people for whom creativity is at the first place. After some time the pool of premium users grew until it exceeded US and so the need for more complex invoices arose.

US people only need receipts and those are all generated by Stripe. But in Europe and some other countries customers need a full invoice with an address and the VAT number which is something we can’t get from Stripe, David explains.

You need a lot more stuff for accounting when you live in Europe than when you live in US.

David looked up online services that freelancers might use and made a number of invoices by hand. But this was time consuming and not sustainable in the long term. Moreover, free web generators don’t comply with VAT rules by default so this would have to be dealt with separately.

I really had a hard time finding the right solution, David recalls.


Browsing Google and Product Hunt David found Quaderno and signed up. Immediately he was able to make beautiful, customizable invoices that are simple, yet rich in information his overseas customers needed.

Only a very little amount of work is now asked from David. Quaderno connects with Stripe, then Stripe connects into our information and it lets me send invoices without doing any data entry. This also applies to VAT details. Quaderno finds out the customer’s location and automatically calculates the correct amount.

Fully customisable invoice with your own logo and design
Customize your invoices with your own logo and design.

It was an easy fix for us and it definitely saved us a lot of time just by generating the invoices.

Past invoices can be also easily downloaded when Death to the Stock Photo customers need them. And with a custom billing domain customers don’t even know about Quaderno’s involvement in the whole process.


Quaderno helps Death to the Stock Photo save time on each invoice and handle VAT so every purchase complies with current EU regulations. Both EU as well as non-EU companies often find new VAT rules tricky but David can let this off his mind.

Quaderno made it a lot easier for the customers we already had or were gaining. Invoicing has become swift and efficient.

While making one invoice by hand used to take David about 6 minutes now it takes only 30 seconds and requires minimum of engagement.

Each startup is different and while David still has to send some invoices manually, the entire process can be automated and take no time at all.

DTTSP team can now devote that time and energy to more enjoyable parts of the business, whether it’s capturing new photos, planning photo trips or empowering independent creatives through funding.

Photo of Nathan Powell

We don’t even think about invoicing anymore. The only time we need to look at Quaderno is if a customer requests an edit or if an invoice has bounced from a client’s inbox. It really is a ‘set and forget’ solution.

Nathan Powell, co-founder and product designer
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