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Death to Stock

Quaderno was an easy fix for us and it definitely saved us a lot of time just by generating the invoices.

David Sherry, Co-founder.

Telling stories and expressing your identity are important, for people and for brands. Death to Stock helps brands stay true to themselves through a vast selection of high-quality visual content that’s off the beaten path. No more bland, irrelevant images; no more filler.

Created by creatives for creatives, Death to Stock is an artist-owned cooperative organization that manages a subscription-based online library of stock photography. Not only does the service help subscribers beautify their websites, but it also supports artists around the world by stocking their photography and putting it on the market.

Death to Stock team photo
David Sherry photo
Death to Stock team photo

As the business grew, David had to figure out how to handle invoicing for customers inside the US and abroad. At first, he used online tools intended for freelancers and made invoices by hand. But this was time consuming and not sustainable in the long term.

But the struggle was not over yet. Death to Stock was growing across Europe, and the business needed to comply with European VAT. Even Stripe couldn’t solve this issue.

Death to Stock team photo
Death to Stock team photo

In Europe and some other countries, customers need a full invoice with an address and the VAT number, which is something we can’t get from Stripe.

Thankfully, Quaderno collects all billing and tax information from the customer at the point of sale, digitally records it, and then organizes it into a tax-compliant invoice. Quaderno’s invoices are automatic, yes, but can still be customized to represent a brand — something important to Death to Stock.

I was able to make beautiful, customizable invoices that are simple, yet rich in information that overseas customers needed.

(Coming from an artist and design professional, we take this as a huge compliment!)

With invoices and VAT compliance taken care of, David and the rest of the Death to Stock team can devote their time and energy to the things they love about the business: capturing new photos, planning photo trips, and empowering independent creatives.

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Stress-free tax compliance. Comply with local rules everywhere — including the US, Canada, Australia, and the entire EU — no matter where your business is located. Quaderno automatically tracks your sales vs. international tax thresholds. When you need to start charging tax in a new country, Quaderno alerts you ahead of time. Then each sale has the up-to-date local tax rate applied automatically.

Never mess with sales tax again

Let Quaderno automatically calculate sales tax on every sale you make. So you can get back to your business.

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