Automatically calculate tax rates & create return-ready reports for PayPal

Are you wasting endless hours collecting the data you need for your tax returns? Quaderno and PayPal make this information available to you in seconds.

Speedier returns than ever

Get all the information you need for your tax returns, at a glance, in mere seconds. Who knew that tax season doesn’t have to come with headaches! Sit back, relax and let us handle this for you.

Stay in the know

Get notified any time you surpass a tax threshold or when a tax rate changes anywhere you sell your products or services. Quaderno keeps you posted.

Be compliant everywhere

Send automatic receipts every time you get paid. Issue credit notes every time you make a refund. Comply with local rules everywhere, including the US, Canada, Australia and all the countries of the European Union.

Multilingual and cosmopolitan

Issue beautiful receipts in multiple currencies and languages, thus making them easier to understand and process for every single one of your customers.

Multi-channel reports

Are you using several different channels to sell your products? Quaderno’s integrations with top payment processors and shopping carts make sure you have all your tax information available in one place.


Track and verify your EU customers’ VAT numbers and automatically send them VAT-exempt invoices.

Photo of Marc Köhlbrugge

I like how Quaderno keeps it simple and very straightforward. You have everything you need but you are not overwhelmed by too much data.

Marc Köhlbrugge
Founder at BetaList

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