Spring Fever at Quaderno: Check Out What’s New

Spring has truly sprung at Quaderno, and we couldn’t be more excited about the multiple improvements we launched earlier this month. We hope you have been able to explore and enjoy them, and have prepared an in-depth breakdown and screencast to help you get the most out of all our updates.

Here’s the lowdown on everything that’s new at Quaderno.

New Design

Our most thorough spring clean to date: Quaderno has an all-new, completely responsive and intuitive look.

We decluttered and streamlined the interface, and made it easier to navigate. A maximum of two clicks will get you anywhere you want – on any device.

This means you can now be even more productive with Quaderno.

Enhanced Reporting

Which clients are really making the grass greener on your side? Is it a good time to take that business opportunity or would it be wiser to hold off on it?

Quaderno’s all-new reporting helps you answer these questions, and much more.

We have made it easier to view and make sense of your business data at a glance. Brand-new reports help you understand and control revenue and expenses, find out which of your products yield the most profit for you, or identify any sales slumps.

Our enhanced reporting tools enable you to make smarter business decisions based on complete and accurate data.

Improved Income Stream Management

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and this makes it all the more important for you to have as much information as possible about your revenues.

Now you can view and manage all of your income streams in one place – from invoices to receipts and credit notes.

New and more powerful filters make it even easier and faster to find that invoice or receipt you are looking for.

Bulk actions allow you to effortlessly manage and share your information with others. Export multiple receipts as PDF files, or send invoices to a large number of users at the same time.

We’ll walk you through all our updates and improvements in this short video:

Have any further questions? Or want to make a suggestion? Reach out to us anytime at

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