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The EU VAT Guide

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The EU VAT Guide

Ever since the news broke about the new EU VAT rules, we at Quaderno have been working to give our customers a clear view ahead. When you need to charge online, how do you keep yourself compliant with these new rules and avoid getting into a #VATMESS? We’ve spent the last 8 months answering questions from our customers through our support system, and helping to solve people’s doubts about what the new legislation means for them and how to cope with it.

We’ve even gone on the road. In European city after European city, we’ve met directly with our customers to talk about the new rules and what they mean.

Our customers have spoken, and we’ve responded. You wanted to know what VAT is, and how it affected you, so we built a guide that was simple and actionable so you could get back to doing whatever it is you’re awesome at. Everything you need to know is there, from different VAT rates across the globe to how it’s similar (and how it’s different) to the USA sales taxes.

You wanted to know how the new EU regulations on VAT have changed the playing field for businesses. We heard you. VAT OSS is a major concern, and it weighs even heavier on small businesses who lack the time and resources to arrange compliance alone. We prepared guides, detailing exactly how the new rules work and what they mean, and whether they apply to you. There you’ll find everything from an EU-wide breakdown of VAT rates to an overview of how you can stay VAT compliant without suffering downward pressure on sales or just giving up on the EU altogether. What about if your business is primarily B2B rather than B2C? What kind of product qualifies for the new rules? It’s all there, giving you a one-stop guide to the new regulatory environment.

Of course, you had questions. Do I have to worry about this new European VAT if my business is based in Canada? Do I need to worry about it if I’m UK-based and under the VAT threshold? What about if I sell my goods through a marketplace? We knew you would have questions. That’s why we created our Top Questions guide, where all the most frequent enquiries are answered in full.

If you're still wondering what exactly a VAT number is, take a few minutes to stop reading and watch this video.

We went into more detail, too. We knew you wouldn’t have time to find out about these things – you’re busy. We get it. So we found out for you. We figured out how to use the One Stop Shop’ route to arrange your VAT affairs, and set up a guide that shows you how to go through the whole process.

Finally, we knew our customers weren’t the sort of people who are satisfied with easy answers. So we created a list of VAT resources. Want to hear about EU VAT rules straight from the source? We have you covered. What about some media sources, where you can read commentary and editorials, details of the new rules and more? Yes, we have that too.

When you’re facing the new EU VAT rules, you’re not alone: Quaderno is here to help you prepare and succeed.

Note: On January 1, 2019, three changes went into effect that significantly simplify tax compliance for small and medium businesses selling digital products. Learn more about it here.

Note: At Quaderno we love providing helpful information and best practices about taxes, but we are not certified tax advisors. For further help, or if you are ever in doubt, please consult a professional tax advisor or the tax authorities.